World without Borders

We give you the possibility to form companies around the globe and to discover new markets for more profits.

We are not working with expensive office space but with serviced offices and Mail-Drops, open bank accounts and administer and manage companies if required in trusteee situations.

2We connect phones with local phone numbers in Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and all European major citiies.

If you want you can sit on your desk in New York and call your German client in Berlin with your local German number like being in Germany.

To discover new markets you dont have to jump on a plane and work far away from home.

All tools for working in new countries we can offer you for competitive prices, and you dont have even to leave your chair to work with Asia, America, Europe, Africa or Australia.

Use your mouse to click and pay online with Paypal and we execute on your behalf.

It is this easy!

There are no borders anymore.

Why not work Internationally?

We will assist you in many ways.