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A contract between you and our US subsidiary PROTEC will create a company that is legally independent but somewhat like a satellite company of the parent company itself.

Formation of this Series-LLC costs just EUR 69


Delaware LLC

Delaware does not create any personal official data about the director or the shareholder. It sets up the company, offering maximum discretion and anonymity. Normally, neither a trustee is required here for the director nor for the shareholder as owner, since no information is published about the founders. We usually are able to incorporate the company for you within 1-2 working days.

Wyoming LLC

Register a brand new Wyoming LLC with the name you want and the organizer you want. The so-called "Organizer" is the founder of Wyoming-LLC and is registered by name in the local commercial register. Shareholders are often the same as the organizer but are not publicly registered. We usually form the company for you within 1-2 working days.

Services for Series-LLC

With incorporation of your new Series-LLC you will receive your own email address as well as the possibility to use an English address for the delivery of mail. Optionally, you can use the bank account of the parent company for incoming payments without having to open your own bank account..

Bank Account in the US

We work with several banks in the United States, which are also willing to open accounts for company founders who have a European residence.We introduce you to the bank when we understand what your intentions are and what you intend to do in the states.

Nominee Services

Starting with an annual amount of € 148, we provide trustees for management and / or shareholders. The nominee package costs an amount of € 288. The opening of bank accounts in Germany and / or England are possible.

Formation Rates:




Company Owners





International Business Opportunities

Good Reasons to form a US Corporation

Market Expansion

The North American continent, with millions of potential buyers of your product or service offering, is a highly interesting option for expanding your business worldwide. We are happy to advise you about possible applications.

New Finance Options

The LLC, as the first step to an Inc. - the American corporation limited by shares, can drastically facilitate finding private investors. Unlike in Eutopa, there is a market in the US where new funding is much faster and cheaper to buy than in Europe.

Active in Europe

The formation of an LLC can be an elegant alternative to forming a LTD or UG. Many business people avoid doing business with a UK Limited company because of the very low capital it has been misused many times. This is completely different with an LLC. Prerequisite for this is that founding documents with appropriate attestations are available.

What Clients say

“For a long time I was afraid to tackle this huge American market. Thank you for accepting my concerns and for helping me. Today I do not regret this step anymore. Thanks to all members of your American team.”
Richard John Stevens
“Actually, one expects to have to get on a plane. However, the technology in 2019 is so advanced and you really master all the techniques perfectly. We have to pay great respect to you. I will always look for cooperation with your organisation.”
Sarah-Ann Neumann
Company Directress

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