German UG (Mini-GmbH)

German UG (German Mini-GmbH, comparable with UK Limited) with the name of your choice.
Price includes court and notary fees and 1 year headquarters in Hessen (Darmstadt HRB) close to Frankfurt International Airport.

Total Formation PriceEUR 445

Possible Add-Ons:

– 1 year Registered Office EUR 196

– 1 year Trustee-Director EUR 148

– 1 year Trustee-Shareholder EUR 148

– Registration German landline with area code of your choice EUR 19,90

– 1 month German landline (basic monthly fee) EUR 4,90

– Registration of a German Internet-Domain or net EUR 9,90

– Preparation and Editing of your own Internet-Program including 1 year webhosting EUR 49,90

– German Bank Account (only in connection with Trustee service for Director) EUR 149

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